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EMCC Global Accreditation

Setting global standards for
mentoring, coaching and supervision

Find out all you need to know about the highest industry standards for practitioners, and education and training programmes in Coaching, Mentoring, and Supervision.

EMCC Global Accreditation means you are part of a world-wide family – a family which is motivated for everyone to achieve, where we collaborate for professional excellence and where we champion research and evidence-based practice. EMCC Global Accreditation gives your clients and employers, your peers and your community reassurance about how you are maintaining professional standards and are adhering to a shared Global Code of Ethics.


EMCC Global has no geographical boundaries and is active in more than 140 countries. We have more than 40,000 graduates of EMCC Global-accredited training programmes worldwide.

EMCC Global Accredits


For individuals practising as

professional mentors/coaches 


For education and training

providers of coaching training


For organisations designing,

delivering & evaluating programmes 

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