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EMCC Global Quality Award (EQA)

The EMCC Global Quality Award (EQA) is an internationally recognised accreditation for providers of mentoring/coaching training. The EQA offers the market place the much needed framework to enable the quality of mentoring/coaching services to meet and be recognised for meeting high quality standards of the profession.


Mentoring/coaching training organisations may apply for their programmes to be awarded at one of four levels: Foundation ● Practitioner ● Senior Practitioner ● Master Practitioner


EQA holders have demonstrated that they meet the professional standards required by EMCC Global. Graduates of an EQA-accredited provider will be able to apply for their own EMCC Global Individual Accreditation (EIA) with greater ease and confidence.

Start the EQA Accreditation Process

Step 1



Download the self-guided application guides here

Step 2

Register your intent 

to apply by emailing:

Please include your training completion date and provider

Step 3

Receive your payment request and application

form for completion.

Complete your form and return it via email.

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