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EMCC Global Supervision

Individual Accreditation (ESIA)

The EMCC Global Supervision Individual Award (ESIA) is an internationally recognised accreditation that demonstrates that an individual practising as a professional mentor/coach supervisor has the appropriate level of knowledge and the ability to apply it effectively in his/her practice.

If you have been supervising mentors/coaches for three years or more, have had at least 10 clients and can evidence 120 contact hours, then an ESIA is in reach. Naturally, you’ll also need to demonstrate an appropriate level of knowledge and application in your practice.

Start your ESIA Accreditation Process

Step 1



Download the self-guided application guides here

Step 2

Register your intent 

to apply by emailing:

Please  include your training completion date and provider

Step 3

Receive your payment request and application

form for completion.

Complete your form and return it via email.

Booking a call with a local Mentor

If you have a quick question or need some clarification or support, a call with our local mentors is the best starting point. 


Thanks for submitting!

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