Be The Ball

'Be the ball', advised Tracy Austin American tennis star and commentator on Wimbledon last month. Tracy was quoting her former coach and mentor, Billie Jean King (no need for a bio tag for this famous lady).

It really got me thinking: ‘be the ball’ not ‘keep your eye on the ball’, or ‘only follow the ball’, but ‘be the ball’. I wrote it down and it’s popped into my head time and time again since. And I love it, I don’t know why though (beyond I like how it sounds), so I thought if I wrote a blog post about it, then maybe I could think it through and share it.

The tennis ball: where it flies to, how hard, how soft, how slanted, how high, how low, how much spin, how much bounce – the ball, where it goes and how it goes there, to win the points and ultimately the match. I know that tennis is about making it as difficult as possible for the other person to return the ball (disclaimer I don’t play myself and never have, ballet was my thing, but that’s for another day - is that 'be the music' maybe?). So, it makes absolute sense for each tennis player to be highly into, the ball.