How to Make the Most of Pro Bono Coaching (a quick guide)

Have you been considering coaching, but think you are unable to afford it?

Or maybe you have been offered pro bono coaching, but you’re unsure about accepting a free service. A bit of research should present a coach that is right for you and your budget. There are many coaches out there offering services at various price points, especially given the financially unstable times we’re in. And if you’re seriously considering pro bono coaching, then the following information should help get you started.

Pro bono (Latin — ‘for the public good’) coaching is coaching offered for free. Lawyers, for example, often offer pro bono services to worthy causes or clients who cannot afford legal fees. Some consultants and coaches do the same. Corporate coaches often volunteer in their spare time. Junior practitioners in all services will do this in order to gain experience, build a portfolio and a reputation, in addition to providing a service to those in need of it.

Pro Bono Does Not Mean Low Quality

As with anything that is offered at a low price or for free, some people welcome it, while others are sceptical about there being a catch or a too-good-to-be-true scenario. While I can’t speak for all pro bono providers, if the coach’s actual intention is to serve for the public good then what you see is what you should get. The provider should be transparent about any differences in their regular and pro bono services from