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Boundaries and how to understand them

🛤Such an important and huge topic. You have probably seen my blog about it where I have talked about givers and takers. This was just a little intro into boundaries and they definitely need more attention.

🛤Boundaries, So what do they mean? These are the walls you need to build to protect yourself and your energy.

It is also important to realize what are poor, healthy, or too rigid boundaries in order to build them in a healthy way.

🛤They can be considered in the below areas.

• Physical

• Mental

• Emotional

• Spiritual and many more

🛤What happens, if you do not have them built? They can cause mental stress resulting in wasted time, relationship issues, or financial burden

🛤To understand them a bit better I am providing the example of personal boundaries and the differences between poor, rigid and healthy boundaries

🔴Rigid: You never ask others for help, you are very protective of personal information, you have few friends, and keep others at a distance

⚪️Poor: You have difficulty saying “NO” to others even if it does not feel right, you are oversharing personal information, you are involved in other people´s problems more than in your own ones, you depend on other people´s opinions and beliefs

🟢Healthy: You know what you want, need, and can communicate it in a clear way, you accept feedback as a way of self- improvement, learn from it and move on, you understand your own values and beliefs and live the life you want.

Do you believe you need to learn how to build your walls?


Ivana is a life & career fulfilment coach who takes the importance of human beings seriously. She helps women who feel stuck in their life or career by showing them a shortcut to their happiness so that they can stop playing small, and become powerful from the inside out.

She can be reached at email

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