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Children’s Mental Health

We are all coaches, but, I would imagine that some of us are also parents.

I don’t know about you, but, as a Mam, I constantly worry about the effects of Covid 19 on my kids. On the positive side, I think this experience will make them extremely resilient, adaptable and capable of facing future challenges head on.

However, I also worry about the long term impacts of not seeing their friends, playing sport and enjoying a normal life. To be honest, I don’t let my mind think about it for too long as I find it a bit overwhelming.

I felt I needed to do something.

So, I recently started a Children’s Mindfulness Course to understand how to practice mindfulness with my own children and, also, to potentially help other parents to practice mindfulness with their own children. For me, this is one small way I can try to help my kids, ‘checking-in’ on their mental health in a calm and relaxed way.

The other step I have taken is to mind myself a bit more. I truly believe we need to invest in ourselves and our own self-care to be able to help, support and mind those around us.

It’s baby steps for me – I’ve started reading at night, I’m listening to more podcasts in my spare time and I’m trying to get out for fresh air every day. Like the oxygen mask on the plane, I am ‘putting my mask on first’ so that I can help others.

These are just some examples of steps we can take to ‘mind the minds’ of the kids in our lives. If anyone else has any insights or things that work for them, please do share, we would love to hear them!


Donna Reilly is a wellness coach, workshop facilitator and consultant offering a range of services to help individuals develop tools and techniques to manage their mental health and wellbeing and develop actions to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

Donna works with coaching clients, teams and organisations to help people discover their true passion in life and work with them to reach their full potential. Most recently Donna has worked with clients to drive ownership of their careers, navigate uncertainty and change and develop techniques to manage the pressure of work and life commitments.

Donna is passionate about mental health and wellness coaching, and corporate wellness programme development. As a qualified Mental Health and Wellness coach, she understands the positive effects an investment in your own wellness and mental health can have.

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