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Guilt Free Zone!

A few weeks ago, I asked some mothers their thoughts on their current work life balance and self-care. The answers were pretty similar. Many of us are struggling to create a healthy work life balance at the moment.

And, although we understand the importance of self-care, we are finding it difficult to integrate it in to our lives. Interestingly, when I asked; “What’s preventing you from practicing self-care?” , one of the common replies was “Guilt”.

Guilt of spending time on myself and not with my kids, parents, husband, partner, friends or work.

I get this.

Even though I know that guilt can negatively impact my wellbeing and mental health, I still feel it.

What I find fascinating, is that, if we let go of the guilt and take the time for ourselves, not only do we feel the benefit but so do those around us.

Why not try and take some time this week for you? It doesn’t have to be hours.

Remember what you love to do and do it! Listen to your favourite album, go for a walk, call a friend, meditate, whatever it is that you love to do.

Have a go and see how it feels.

Did you enjoy it? Is the guilt still there? Do you feel better?

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Donna Reilly is a wellness coach, workshop facilitator and consultant offering a range of services to help individuals develop tools and techniques to manage their mental health and wellbeing and develop actions to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

Donna works with coaching clients, teams and organisations to help people discover their true passion in life and work with them to reach their full potential. Most recently Donna has worked with clients to drive ownership of their careers, navigate uncertainty and change and develop techniques to manage the pressure of work and life commitments.

Donna is passionate about mental health and wellness coaching, and corporate wellness programme development. As a qualified Mental Health and Wellness coach, she understands the positive effects an investment in your own wellness and mental health can have.

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