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Mindfulness Practice for Children

As a parent, I constantly worry about the effects of Covid 19 on my kids. I was conscious that this worry was not serving me, nor my kids. I decided to take action to overcome my own worry and help them to overcome theirs. I completed a Children’s Mindfulness Course to understand how to practice mindfulness with my own children and, also, to potentially help other parents to practice mindfulness with their own children.

I’ve practiced mindfulness for a few years. For me, mindfulness is about being present and living in the moment, by observing your thoughts, focusing on your surroundings or breathing.

More recently, I started to practice some mindfulness techniques with my two sons, aged 9 and 6. There are many ways to practice mindfulness with your children. My kids love the Body Scan. It helps them to clear their minds and create a sense of calm. They say their bodies feel lighter after doing it!

I thought it might be useful to share this technique with others who may like to give it a go with their own kids. I’ve recorded a video and audio (links below) if you wish to practice this mindfulness technique!

This is a suggestion, what works for my kids may not work for others. There are lots of children's mindfulness resources online! (This is not medical advice, please contact a medical professional if you need further help or support.)


Donna Reilly is a wellness coach, workshop facilitator and consultant offering a range of services to help individuals develop tools and techniques to manage their mental health and wellbeing and develop actions to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

Donna works with coaching clients, teams and organisations to help people discover their true passion in life and work with them to reach their full potential. Most recently Donna has worked with clients to drive ownership of their careers, navigate uncertainty and change and develop techniques to manage the pressure of work and life commitments.

Donna is passionate about mental health and wellness coaching, and corporate wellness programme development. As a qualified Mental Health and Wellness coach, she understands the positive effects an investment in your own wellness and mental health can have.

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