Mindfulness Practice for Children

As a parent, I constantly worry about the effects of Covid 19 on my kids. I was conscious that this worry was not serving me, nor my kids. I decided to take action to overcome my own worry and help them to overcome theirs. I completed a Children’s Mindfulness Course to understand how to practice mindfulness with my own children and, also, to potentially help other parents to practice mindfulness with their own children.

I’ve practiced mindfulness for a few years. For me, mindfulness is about being present and living in the moment, by observing your thoughts, focusing on your surroundings or breathing.

More recently, I started to practice some mindfulness techniques with my two sons, aged 9 and 6. There are many ways to practice mindfulness with your children. My kids love the Body Scan. It helps them to clear their minds and create a sense of calm. They say their bodies feel lighter after doing it!