Is Your Self-Care Routine Doing More Harm than Good?

Transform it in 7 steps

Ah, self-care — according to social media feeds it’s nothing but bubble baths, cappuccinos, champagne flutes and duvet days, all hashtagged #selfcare. And indeed, self-care this may be. But if these examples of self-care are the only kind you know, then they may not be as caring as they seem.

Defining Self-Care

Let’s break it down. Self-care is simply ‘taking care of the self’, and that should imply the whole self. The above examples can be problematic because they usually limit the self-care definition to switching off from the stress of the day, indulgent treats and relaxation. They are all valid, but when presented alone, as they usually are, they imply an escapism from other elements of life that also define self-care, but rarely get recognised as that. Yes, the boring, less instagrammable stuff, like paying bills, fixing things on time, and working towards goals. How about we start hashtagging those as #selfcare too?